Everything your business
needs to grow

With Orbit, you’ll get maximum impact from a mini system. It’s packed with good stuff that enables your people to work together seamlessly across teams and projects.


Collaborative and coordinated working.

Create and assign tasks:

  • Our new Boards functionality allows you to have complete visibility of your projects and work seamlessly across everything from start to finish
  • Create task lists for specific goals or projects
  • Attach files and share for instant collaboration
  • Discuss the details by adding notes against tasks
  • Flag tasks and set reminders
  • Set and track deadlines
  • Input time estimates to allow comparison with total time taken to complete
  • Track progress and time spent on each task, feeding into timesheets and keeping collaborators up to date


Manage your contacts

Keep up-to-date records of the people who matter to your business:

  • Store complete and up-to-date contact information
  • Tag and organise your contacts into categories (like clients, leads, partners)
  • Group clients and leads by particular interests to enable highly targeted e-communications
  • Monitor engagement with contacts from across your company
  • Create your own custom contact groups and tags
  • Anywhere, anytime access, so you’ll always have the information you need.

Content Management

Content Management
Share information across your company

Upload, share and access company information securely:

  • Upload documents, images, notes and links for access by colleagues
  • Create library pages with key information that can be shared with your entire staff
  • Cloud based and accessible on the go.


Hassle free time tracking

Plan, manage and report on employee’s time:

  • Employees record their time against tasks to populate timesheets
  • Staff can also enter timesheet information on a “business as usual” or ad-hoc basis if not related to a project or task
  • Simple and fast
  • Built in reports for time spent on tasks and projects, enable you to break down activity on a particular project across teams
  • Enables smarter planning with a clear understanding of productivity.


Focussed, targeted and effective communications

Communicate more clearly with your people, clients and potential customers:

Email campaigns

Connect with your contacts:

  • Draft and send emails to groups of clients, prospects and leads
  • Add an email signature, attach files and address your contacts by first name


Keep your team talking:

  • Share updates — newsfeed style — across the company
  • Communicate news and important information like contract wins and upcoming events
  • Update your bulletin boards with the latest information from tasks.

Help Desk

Help Desk
Provide exceptional customer service

Track and resolve customer support requests quickly and efficiently:

  • Customer support tickets automatically feed into employee task lists
  • Log each contact made with a customer including when the contact took place, the reason and the results
  • Assign follow up actions to a specific member of staff as a task, with automatic notifications so nothing slips through the cracks
  • Automatically generate emails to clients to get instant feedback
  • Create detailed reports about the volume of support requests, the time taken to respond, and customer satisfaction
  • Identify trends and evaluate your customer service performance over time.


Create, view and track your invoices

Keep on top of your finances with a real time view of work and costs:

  • Create, save and export invoices directly from Orbit
  • Quickly view the client, date, progress, value and invoice number related to specific tasks
  • Generate reports showing the status of your invoices company-wide and filter by progress to see which invoices are pending, ready, created, sent or unsent, overdue and paid.


The complete picture, in real time

Get the clearest view of your business performance:

  • Detailed breakdowns in simple, clear, predefined reports
  • Timesheet reports enable you to view activity by individual
  • User satisfaction reports show your customer service performance and response times
  • Customer engagement reports enable you to see the frequency of contact made
  • Keep track of holidays for all team members and view conflicts
  • Get a high-level overview of the hours spent on specific tasks or during set periods
  • Create custom reports tailored to your business and operations.